Like a jewel box, which drawers hide surprises and secrets.


RQ Boutique & Unique Hotel

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RQ Boutique & Unique Hotel

The premium category Hotel is designed like the New York and Paris's boutique and unique hotels, creating an intimate and enchanting milieu.

Modeled after boutique and unique hotels in New York and Paris, this premium hotel offers an intimate and magical milieu. You can discover the style of the Hotel inside and outside the walls. With characteristic mood swings, seduction again, we become returning guest, beautiful memory of each other; You and the RQ Hotel.

The hotel is located in the center of Győr, in the immediate vicinity of the Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal and Adventure Bath. The sights and the downtown pedestrian streets can be easily reached on foot within 2-3 minutes.

RQ Boutique & Unique Hotel

Each room is a
different world

A hotel for
lovers of sensuality intimacy, relaxation

Bath and Therapy

The RQ Water Amusement Park and Spa is located in the immediate vicinity of our Győr hotel, in one of the most beautiful and frequented parts of the city center, on the peninsula at the junction of the Mosoni-Danube and Rába rivers. It was already a popular bathing spot in the 1930s. The former beach spa was built in 1931 based on the plans of Alfréd Hajós, taking advantage of the properties of the Győr spa, which was already known and loved in the Middle Ages. The RQ Aquatic Adventure Park and Spa in Győr is the world's first 7-star water adventure park, a spa complex offering full services. The 4.5-hectare area awaits its guests with Hungary's most modern slide park, the largest thematic spray park, 21 experience and therapeutic pools, an exclusive Japanese sauna world and 11 gastronomic catering units!

The most romantic
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